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Allurion Balloon

The Allurion gastric “pill” balloon diminishes appetite and cravings. The effects of the Allurion gastric balloon are intended to support patients as they focus on implementing lifestyle changes.


Gastric Sleeve

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty instead involves suturing the stomach to create changes in shape. Because of this, recovery time is greatly reduced, and the procedure is completely reversible and can be easily revised.


Gastric Bypass

This procedure affects the release of certain hormones associated with hunger. This creates a feeling of satiety after consumption of a smaller amount of food. This feeling is also present for a longer time.



Revision weight-loss surgery is a corrective procedure performed to address problems caused by a previous bariatric procedure. These problems may include digestive issues such as acid reflux.


Mr Vasilikostas has pioneered a novel approach to the obesity epidemic that removes the obesity stigma away from patients and recognizes this condition as mainly a chronic metabolic disease. He uses cutting-edge minimally invasive endoscopic and laparoscopic technologies, within a MDT (multi-disciplinary) support team, to provide his patients with complete, tailor-made, combination weight loss management solutions and on-going behavioural and nutritional support.

Weight Loss Treatments

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Weight Loss Treatments

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Specialist Services

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With more than 25 years of clinical expertise and excellent results, Mr Vasilikostas is highly qualified in all aspects of weight loss management, including a wide range of medical and minimally invasive surgical procedures such as Allurion gastric balloon, Orbera balloon, endoscopic sleeve, gastric bypass, mini-gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, SADI-S procedure and revision weight loss surgery.