Obesity Combination Therapies

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UsingCombination Therapiesto Treat Obesity

Obesity is a chronic disease. Like many other diseases, it can present in different ways for different patients, it can worsen over time, and it can result in a number of additional health issues.

There are several options for obesity treatment, including behaviour and lifestyle modifications, weight-loss medications, gastric balloons, minimally invasive endoscopic procedures, and bariatric surgery. Every patient responds differently to each of these treatment options. Some respond incredibly well, others not as well, with most patients being in the middle.

Because of this, just like with any disease, flexibility in treatment approach is key. We adopt a patient-centric approach, designing individualised treatment plans using the full spectrum of obesity treatments as needed. Our multidisciplinary solutions can effectively maximise results, improve the patient’s overall experience, and minimise side effects.

Types ofCombination Therapies

Many combination therapies can be utilised under the guidance of Mr. Vasilikostas:

  • Pharmacotherapy (Combination of two or more different medications, including injections and oral medications)
  • Sequential gastric balloons
  • Gastric balloons and medication
  • Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and medication
  • Weight-loss surgery and medication

The best combination of weight-reduction therapies for each patient will be determined during their personalised consultation.

Are Combination TherapiesRight for Me?

Overweight, obese, and morbidly obese patients may all benefit from combination therapies, depending on their needs, goals, and expectations.

Patients who are not willing to undergo surgical weight-loss procedures may instead benefit from a combination of non-surgical options. Patients who are not medically indicated to undergo surgical procedures are also excellent candidates for non-surgical combinations.

Additionally, morbidly obese patients may require specialised combination therapies to achieve the safest and most effective weight reduction.

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The Obesity Combination Therapies Consultation

It will be important for patients to meet with Mr. Vasilikostas for a weight-reduction consultation. This will allow Mr. Vasilikostas to listen to the patient’s goals, perform a physical examination, request lab tests, and ask questions regarding past attempts at weight loss.

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The surgeon will ask about the patient’s general health, lifestyle, diet, and medical history. Mr. Vasilikostas may enquire about allergies, pre-existing medical conditions, supplements, medications, and past surgical procedures. Photographs may be taken as a reference.

Once Mr. Vasilikostas has developed an in-depth understanding of the patient’s case, he will be able to design a bespoke weight-reduction plan utilising combination therapies. The specific therapies will be discussed in great detail so that the patient knows what to expect in terms of the process and their potential results.

Additionally, Mr. Vasilikostas will provide instructions for the patient’s new diet and exercise regimen, which can aid in ensuring long-lasting weight reduction. Questions are highly encouraged at any time during the consultation process.

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The Cost of Combination Therapies

Due to the custom-tailored nature of combination therapy, the price of each patient’s combination therapy will vary. Treatment aspects such as the patient’s personal support needs and their medical history can affect the overall cost. Bespoke packages are available to fit the goals of each individual client.

Meet Mr Vasilikostas

With more than 25 years of clinical expertise and excellent results, Mr Vasilikostas is highly qualified in all aspects of weight loss management, including a wide range of medical and minimally invasive surgical procedures such as Allurion balloon, Orbera balloon, endoscopic sleeve, gastric bypass, mini-gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, SADI-S procedure and revision weight loss surgery.

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Mr. Georgios Vasilikostas creates bespoke treatment plans utilising combination therapies in London for medical and surgical weight loss. These tailored weight-reduction plans require a deep knowledge of the human body and its physiological processes. When paired with behaviour and lifestyle modifications, combination therapies can result in optimal weight reduction.

The best way to learn more about combination therapies in London is by arranging a consultation with Mr. Vasilikostas. Contact us today to schedule your weight-reduction consultation.