Revision Weight-Loss Surgery

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What IsRevisionWeight-Loss Surgery?

Revision weight-loss surgery is a corrective procedure performed to address problems caused by a previous bariatric procedure. These problems may include digestive issues such as acid reflux.

This corrective surgery can also potentially help when less weight is lost than expected or when weight is gained back. You will be assessed by nutritionists and psychologists, if necessary, to identify any behavioural aspects that may be contributing to these instances.

Types of Revision Weight-Loss Surgery

Mr. Vasilikostas can perform several types of revision weight-loss procedures depending on each patient’s symptoms, their original procedure, and their weight-loss goals. The proper procedure for each patient will be determined during their personalised consultation.

Revision options include:

  • Band removal
  • Band-to-sleeve surgery
  • Band-to-bypass surgery
  • Sleeve-to-bypass surgery
  • Sleeve-to-SADI surgery
  • Conversion of mini-gastric bypass to another procedure
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The Revision Weight-Loss Surgery Consultation

During the patient’s consultation with Mr. Vasilikostas, the patient will go over the issues that require correction with revision weight-loss surgery. This will include giving detailed information about the original bariatric procedure.

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Mr. Vasilikostas will perform a physical examination, and he will ask the patient questions about their medical records. Allergies will be discussed, as will current medications and pre-existing health conditions.

With this information in mind, Mr. Vasilikostas will create a surgical plan for the patient’s revision weight-loss surgery. He will explain this plan in detail to help the patient develop a full understanding of the process. Questions are highly encouraged.

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Recovery After Revision Weight-Loss Surgery

Once the patient’s revision weight-loss procedure has been performed, they will be required to stay at the hospital to recover. In most cases, the length of this stay matches that of the original procedure (usually one to two days).

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After the patient is cleared to return home, they will need to rest and recover. The details of the recovery process will depend on which weight-loss procedure they underwent originally and which techniques were utilised during the revision process. Age and overall health can also play a role in the healing process.

A minor degree of pain and discomfort may be felt during recovery. Pain-control medication may be prescribed if needed, or OTC painkillers may be recommended. Patients must take these medications as directed. The whole recovery process may take up to two to three weeks at most.

After three weeks, patients will return for their first post-operative follow-up appointment. At this time, Mr. Vasilikostas will advise the patient regarding vitamin supplements and any other pertinent factors.

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Cost of Revision Weight-Loss Surgery

When determining the price of revision weight-loss surgery, many factors are taken into account. Factors that can potentially affect the overall cost include the patient’s medical history and any support requirements. Customised price packages are available.

Meet Mr Vasilikostas

With more than 25 years of clinical expertise and excellent results, Mr Vasilikostas is highly qualified in all aspects of weight loss management, including a wide range of medical and minimally invasive surgical procedures such as Allurion balloon, Orbera balloon, endoscopic sleeve, gastric bypass, mini-gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, SADI-S procedure and revision weight loss surgery.

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If you are experiencing health issues or weight gain following bariatric surgery, you may be in need of revision weight-loss surgery in London. Mr. Georgios Vasilikostas has the years of skill and experience needed to perform revision surgery for a number of weight-loss procedures, including gastric band and gastric sleeve procedures.

To find out more about revision weight-loss surgery in London, patients are recommended to contact our office. Arrange your consultation with Mr. Vasilikostas today.