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The AllurionVirtual CareSuite

Patients will receive The Allurion Virtual Care Suite, a collection of digital products to support their weight-loss process:

Allurion Connected Scale

Allurion Connected Scale

This set of digital scales allows patients to track improvements in their BMI, metabolic rate, fat tissue, visceral fat, body water content, muscle mass, and overall weight on a daily basis.

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Next, an endoscope is inserted orally. An endoscope is a tube equipped with a light and a camera, allowing for a very detailed view of the esophagus and the stomach. The endoscope also features a tool for precise suturing. This is utilised to suture key regions of the stomach, adjusting its shape. It becomes tube-like and able to contain a smaller quantity of food. Generally, the capacity of the stomach is reduced by 65% to 70% as a result of this suturing. The endoscope is then carefully withdrawn.

Allurion Health Tracker

Allurion Health Tracker

This smart watch tracks a variety of real-time health analytics, such as movement, sleep, and heart rate.

Allurion App

Allurion App

This iPhone/Android app serves to compile, integrate, and analyse the data from the other Allurion digital products. The patient’s dedicated support team will evaluate this data and make lifestyle change recommendations accordingly.


The Allurion Programme combines the placement of the Allurion gastric pill balloon with guided behaviour modification and Allurion’s digital weight-loss technology (the Allurion Virtual Care Suite).

The Allurion gastric “pill” balloon diminishes appetite and cravings. The effects of the Allurion gastric balloon are intended to support patients as they focus on implementing and maintaining supervised diet and lifestyle changes. These include changes in dietary habits, exercise routines, and portion-size requirements.

The Allurion Programme is a holistic six-month 360-supported programme. The balloon will only last for 16 weeks, as 80% of weight loss occurs in the first three months. For the remainder of time, once the balloon has passed naturally, patients will continue to receive full support from their dietician.

As a result of the Allurion Programme, patients may experience a 10% to 15% decrease in total body weight in approximately 16 weeks. Typically, the majority of the weight loss will occur during the initial three months of the Allurion Programme. Sustaining healthy habits after this period aids in further weight management.

Weight loss can result in a decrease in obesity-related comorbidities. After weight reduction utilizing the Allurion Programme, patients have achieved lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, a decreased risk of heart disease, and a number of other health benefits.

The results of the Allurion Programme vary based on a number of factors, such as the patient’s age, metabolism, and ability to commit to their recommended diet and lifestyle changes.

The Allurion Balloon Consultation

During a consultation, the patient will discuss their prior weight-loss experiences and their weight-reduction goals with Mr. Vasilikostas. Mr. Vasilikostas will inquire about the patient’s medical history, including pre-existing medical conditions and allergies.

Mr. Vasilikostas will explain the details of the Allurion Programme as they pertain to the patient’s case. This will include the potential weight-loss results that the patient may experience. Questions are highly encouraged.

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Am I a good candidate?

Ideal candidates for the Allurion gastric pill balloon have a BMI of 27 or above and are over the age of 18. Patients who have not been able to achieve their goals through dieting and exercise are excellent candidates for this method of weight reduction.

If you are pregnant, this treatment method must not be utilized. Regularly imbibing large quantities of alcohol may negatively affect your candidacy for the Allurion Programme.

In which ways is the Allurion pill gastric balloon different from other gastric balloons?

Other gastric balloons require endoscopy during their placement and removal process, along with anaesthesia. The Allurion gastric balloon is the first gastric balloon created to bypass these placement requirements.

Unlike other gastric balloons, the Allurion gastric balloon is swallowed in capsule form. This allows for a much shorter placement process (typically fifteen minutes) without a long period of recovery time or downtime.

Other gastric balloons must be in place for six to twelve months. This balloon, however, is only required to be in place for sixteen weeks. The Allurion gastric balloon also results in fewer side effects and offers a greatly decreased rate of balloon intolerance.

While other gastric balloons are composed of silicone, the Allurion gastric balloon is constructed utilizing vegan polyurethane. This flexible material increases patient comfort. Patients may feel the balloon at first, but in time, this feeling fades and the patient can no longer detect a difference.

If I want more weight loss after sixteen weeks, can a second Allurion gastric balloon be placed?

Once you have completed your Allurion weight-loss programme, if you desire further weight loss, a second gastric balloon can be placed as part of the Allurion Plus+ sequential programme. It will be necessary to schedule a consultation with Mr. Vasilikostas to discuss this option in further detail.

Does use of the Allurion gastric balloon result in greater weight loss than traditional methods?

The Allurion gastric balloon can result in 2.5 times as much weight loss as traditional dieting. Exercise programmes and diets cannot achieve the same degree of weight loss as the Allurion Programme.

Will the weight that has been lost return following use of the Allurion gastric balloon?

95% of the weight loss achieved utilizing the Allurion gastric balloon may be maintained twelve months after the balloon is no longer in the stomach.

What is the placement process like?

The process of placing the Allurion gastric pill balloon requires 15 to 20 minutes. No endoscopy, anesthesia, or sedation of any sort will be utilized.

The patient will receive a degradable Allurion capsule. Inside this capsule is the deflated Allurion gastric balloon, made of soft vegan polyurethane. This capsule is connected to a long and very narrow tube called a catheter.

Mr. Vasilikostas will supervise as the patient swallows the capsule with the aid of a glass of water. The capsule will travel through the esophagus and into the stomach. In case of difficulty swallowing the capsule, Mr. Vasilikostas will provide assistance. This will involve stiffening the catheter using a thin wire and guiding the Allurion gastric balloon into proper position. Almost 100% of people succeed in swallowing the Allurion balloon.

After the capsule has been swallowed and a few minutes have passed, an X-ray will be performed to ensure that the capsule is in the stomach. Next, Mr. Vasilikostas will fill the Allurion gastric balloon with up to 550 mL of a sterile saline solution utilizing the catheter. A second X-ray will be performed to verify that this has been completed effectively. Finally, the catheter will be removed with utmost care.

What happens once the balloon placement is complete?

Because no surgery or anesthesia is required for Allurion gastric pill balloon placement, a lengthy recovery process will not be necessary. Patients can leave the clinic after a few minutes and are able to operate a motor vehicle and return home without assistance.

Patients may experience symptoms such as nausea, abdominal cramps, and occasionally vomiting, but these will be temporary and can be addressed with medications as prescribed. After one to three days, patients will be able to return to their everyday schedule. Exercise may be resumed two to three days after the Allurion balloon has been placed.

Patients must take a proton pump inhibitor while their gastric balloon is in place. The proton pump inhibitor will aid in management of any acid reflux symptoms.

What is the balloon's mechanism of action?

The Allurion gastric balloon has direct effects on the processes involved in food consumption and digestion. When people consume food, it gradually fills the stomach. This creates pressure on the walls of the stomach, which in turn increases the feeling of satiety. The Allurion gastric balloon occupies a significant amount of the space inside the stomach. Because of this, it reduces the feeling of hunger, and much less food consumption is required to experience a feeling of satiety.

The process of gastric emptying is also affected. Gastric emptying is the gradual transportation of food out of the stomach through the pyloric sphincter and into the small intestine. This process normally takes anywhere from two to four hours. The Allurion gastric balloon prolongs the process of gastric emptying, resulting in an extended feeling of satiety.

Additionally, with the Allurion gastric balloon in place, the occurrence of hunger cramps is much less frequent. These hunger pains often occur during traditional dieting, leading to major weight fluctuations. Suppression of frequent hunger pangs aids patients in resisting the urge to eat outside of scheduled mealtimes.

How does guided behavior modification work?

After the Allurion gastric balloon has been placed, patients will meet with a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals for regular appointments, where patients will receive comprehensive guidance and care.

This will include expert personalized nutritional guidance from our specialist dieticians. Our dieticians will provide education regarding healthier eating habits. They will highlight areas of change, aiding patients in adapting to their new diet.

Patients also receive a twelve-month Buddy Fit virtual gym membership. Our experienced staff instructs patients in the development of a healthy exercise regimen, including methods of seamlessly incorporating exercise into aspects of everyday life.

Rather that enacting immediate drastic changes, patients are encouraged to pursue gradual changes and focus on small concrete goals. Long-term implementation of these lifestyle changes greatly increases the likelihood of lasting and effective weight loss.

Meet Mr Vasilikostas

With more than 25 years of clinical expertise and excellent results, Mr Vasilikostas is highly qualified in all aspects of weight loss management, including a wide range of medical and minimally invasive surgical procedures such as Allurion balloon, Orbera balloon, endoscopic sleeve, gastric bypass, mini-gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, SADI-S procedure and revision weight loss surgery.

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Timed Passingof theBalloon

Numerous other gastric balloons must stay in the body for six to twelve months. The Allurion gastric pill balloon, however, must only be in place for 16 weeks. By this time, patients have typically lost 10% to 15% of their total body weight.

There will be no need to come in for any sort of appointment for balloon removal. Instead, the balloon will deflate on its own. A time-activated biodegradable membrane in the gastric balloon’s wall will naturally open. The sterile saline will empty and will then be naturally and safely absorbed by the body. The shell of the balloon will travel down through the intestinal tract for excretion. Rarely, endoscopic or surgical removal may be necessary.

Allurion Plus+Sequential Balloon

For people who still want to lose more weight, the Allurion Plus+ sequential balloon system is another option for Allurion Programme weight reduction. This option involves placement of a second Allurion gastric balloon after the first balloon has passed. A period of about two months must occur between the passing of the first balloon and placement of the second since this allows the stomach to settle and reset.

Placement of a second Allurion gastric balloon induces a second weight-loss phase, in which patients could achieve an average of 22% total weight loss, or an additional 10% of their body weight, following placement of the first balloon. The extension of this weight-loss process also allows patients more time to implement lifestyle changes while still supported by the balloon’s physiological effects.

Costof theAllurion Gastric Balloon

The price of the Allurion gastric balloon might vary depending on the patient’s previous medical history and individual needs. The cost of this treatment, and financing options, may be discussed during the patient’s consultation with Mr. Vasilikostas.


Mr. Georgios Vasilikostas, a trusted expert in the field of medical weight reduction, recommends the swallowable Allurion gastric pill balloon to London patients in search of an effective weight-loss solution that does not require surgery or endoscopy. The Allurion gastric balloon allows patients to avoid incisions and anaesthesia, thus reducing the likelihood of complications.

Mr. Vasilikostas has over 25 years of experience creating weight-loss results utilizing the latest surgical and non-surgical methods. His extensive training includes numerous surgical fellowships, and he is a faculty member at St. George’s University Hospitals. Mr. Vasilikostas is a member of several prestigious surgical associations and has been published in a variety of medical journals.

For more information regarding the Allurion gastric balloon, London patients are encouraged to contact the office of Mr. Vasilikostas and arrange a consultation. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.